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We are a technology company that builds best-in-class decision making solutions.

At Accreditaire, we build software that lets organizations integrate their data, their decisions, and their operations into one platform. Our software empowers entire organizations to answer complex questions quickly by bringing the right data to the people who need it.

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Our solutions

Atlas Management Software

Atlas Management is a web-based software that integrates all teams inside a company in regards to strategic planning.

It generates automated reports about work being done and what’s not being delivered. 

Atlas lets you know if your company is going to the right direction or not. It includes:

– Automated reports on team’s and individual performances

– Psychological profile of every team and collaborator

– Full control of the strategic planning of your company


We develop decision making software for the whole agriculture supply chain.

Best in class analytics suite for crops and fields

Take a moment to read our dedicated section about artificial intelligence in agriculture.

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